The mural is located at 127 King Street, London, Ontario, and was painted by award winning artist Cornelius Spek.
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Limited Edition 7600 issued. Each postcard represents one Canadian life lost in the Netherlands during the 2nd world war.

Cornelius Spek’s mural “London Memorial Cup 2005” located in London, Ontario was painted in preparation for the 87th CHL Memorial Cup. The mural was dedicated to honour the memory of the Canadian lives that were lost in the Netherlands during the 2nd World War by issuing 7600 commemorative souvenir postcards. Each numbered postcard represents one life lost. It is the hope of ForYou that you will learn about this soldier who lost their life for freedom. For more information: email For You Consignment or telephone 519-850-4767.

All proceeds donated to Parkwood Hospital Veterans Care Facility, the designated charity for The 2005 Memorial Cup. We thank you for your support. $5.00

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