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"For You" will pay you 35% of the sale price for your clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and accessories. Each item must meet our quality standards. Due to the volume of items offered for consignment, we are unable to accept everything that is brought to us. The following information should make it easier for you to choose which items will sell best. Please follow these guidelines closely to get the most money for your things. 

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Our Quality Standards

• "For You" accepts new and used clothing, shoes, boots, purses, jewelry and accessories for infants, children, teen, young women and young men.

• All clothing must be in new like condition and fashionable. Styles and colours bought in the last 2-3 years.

• Zippers work and buttons are not missing with all items snapped, zipped & buttoned.

• Clothes must be freshly laundered (within the last 3 weeks) and free of odors.

• Clothes must have no tears, holes, snags, pilling, stains or obvious wear.

• Accessories, purses, boots and shoes must be in next to new condition.


When and Where?

After you've sorted through your items and selected the things that meet our quality standards you can drop them off with us anytime Tuesday-Friday 10AM-3:45PM. At time of drop off you can let us know whether you want to pick up the items that we do not accept, or just have us donate them to the OFCP.

Within a week we will email you a list of the items that we accepted.


$5.00 yearly administration fee to be taken from your first commission.


Consignee Payout Terms

We'll pay cash for accounts everyday. Unless there is no cash available we will issue a check. We also offer store credit as a payment option. Checks are mailed monthly for open accounts payable with a balance of more than $100.00.

Items Not Sold

All unsold goods become the sole property of FOR YOU after the sixty (60) day consignment period and shall be disposed of as FOR YOU sees fit.


We are always looking for top brand name clothing and accessories. Brand names like Lululemon, Bench, TNA, Fossil, Guess to name a few.  We put out new items daily.


"For You" determines the pricing of all consigned goods. For You will make every effort to sell your items within the consignment period. Consignors earn 35% of the listed selling price. All clothing is reduced to 50% after 30 days. Than a further 75% after 60 days. Any items not sold after 90 days are donated to charity.

Consignment Period

The consignment period shall be a minimum period of 60 days commencing the day the consigned goods are put on the sales floor.  

Email List

"For You" is a "Trendy Wear It Again" Consignment store, if items are not in excellent condition they will not be accepted. Save yourself time and frustration by bringing in only the best. In like new condition where you, the owner, would buy it again. Used but not used up. At "For You" we specialize in providing the best previously loved clothing London has to offer at prices that keep you coming back for more.

Thank you for taking the time to learn our consignment policies. We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming part of our store and look forward to having you as a consignor.
If you have any questions concerning any of the above, please call us at (519) 850-4767
or e mail us.

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